Support Your Immune System this Winter With IV Therapy

Your immune system doesn’t prevent germs from entering your body, but it can fight them off. Thanks to a large network of immune system cells (such as lymphocytes), invading pathogens are destroyed. The stronger your immune system is, the better it can eliminate foreign viruses like the cold and flu viruses. This means that even if your body comes into contact with pathogens, your body stands a fighting chance at fending off the invaders — so long as your immune system is healthy and thriving.

Here at Lady’s Care Center, we understand the importance of supporting your immune system, especially during cold and flu season. Dr. Ladynez Espinal and her expert team offers intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy to supplement your body and boost your immunity. IV therapy might be just the boost you need this winter.

Bolstering your immune system

Your body needs to keep producing immune system cells — lymphocytes, neutrophils, and monocytes — in order to avoid colds and other illnesses. There are many ways to support your body and boost your immune system. One way is through watching your diet and making sure you consume enough micronutrients. Some of the most important nutrients for your immune system include: 

If you’re not following a well-balanced diet, you might become deficient in one or more of these nutrients, and research shows that micronutrient deficiencies can contribute to a weaker immune system. For example, a vitamin B6 deficiency reduces the lymphocyte growth, which means you have fewer immune cells available to fight off foreign viruses or bacteria.

How IV therapy supports your immune system

Because the proper balance of vitamins and minerals is essential for building up your immune system, you need to make sure you’re receiving plenty of these nutrients. The problem is that it’s hard to always follow a perfect diet. Enter: IV therapy. If your diet isn’t perfect, IV nutritional therapy can fill the gaps. 

Our Immune Booster IV therapy delivers a dose of these nutrients directly into your bloodstream. IV therapy can bridge the gap in your diet and ensure that your immune system gets all of the fuel (vitamins and minerals) it needs to produce immune system cells. As a bonus, this therapy also helps to combat fatigue. 

Additional ways to support your immune system

In addition to focusing on nutrient-dense meals and supplementing with IV therapy, there are other ways to support your immune system, including: 

You can also reduce your risk of contracting an illness by washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your face, and avoiding people who are ill.

Is IV therapy right for you?

IV therapy is quick (sessions last just about 30 minutes), and during that time, you can relax, read a book, or play a game on your phone. 

Give your immune system a boost this winter. To learn more about Immune Booster or our other IV therapies, call our Miramar, Florida office at 954-372-1653. You can also request an appointment online

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