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How PRP Therapy Can Improve Your Sex Life

It’s not always easy to talk about problems with your sex life. In fact, many women might feel embarrassed to talk about sexual problems even with their doctors. According to the experts at WebMD, about 43% of women report discomfort and pain during intercourse, but the reality is that this number may be much higher. You don’t have to suffer in silence any longer. 

Here at Lady’s Care Center, we know that there are many ways to improve your sex life. You don’t have to feel embarrassed — we are here to help! That’s why gynecologist Dr. Ladynez Espinal offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to women struggling with sexual dysfunction. 

But just how can PRP therapy improve your sex life? Here’s what you need to know.

What is PRP therapy?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a popular type of therapy, especially in sports medicine and medical aesthetics. This regenerative therapy uses the growth factors to achieve various goals (such as reducing inflammation or promoting healing). To prepare a PRP injection, your own blood sample is drawn and prepared in a centrifuge so that it is rich in platelets. Platelets are a component in your blood, and they are rich in healing growth factors. 

PRP therapy has many uses in gynecology, including treating incontinence. It can also improve your sex life in these three ways.

3 ways PRP therapy improves your sex life

At Lady’s Care Center, we offer the O-Shot, a type of PRP therapy. This injection can improve vaginal lubrication, increase your sexual experience, and decrease pain.

Improved vaginal lubrication

Vaginal dryness is one of the most common complaints in regard to sexual dysfunction. Your hormones, what phase of your menstrual cycle you’re in, and the natural aging process can all affect vaginal lubrication. 

After the injection is administered, your body naturally responds by ramping up the collagen production. Collagen is what keeps your skin youthful, soft, and elastic. You’ll also experience improved blood flow to the genital area. More collagen and increased blood help combat vaginal dryness. 

Increased ability to experience an orgasm 

As a result of increased blood flow (especially to the clitoris), you’ll experience more frequent and more intense orgasms. In fact, PRP therapy is so well-known for improving the ability to orgasm, the O-Shot is sometimes just called the Orgasm Shot.

Decreased pain during intercourse

Are you tired of dealing with vaginal dryness? Dryness is so much more than dryness. It can lead to itching, burning sensations, increased risk of urinary tract infections, and pain during sex. The pain and discomfort can be so intense that it can lead to a loss of interest in sex. 

That’s where PRP therapy comes in. Because the shot improves lubrication, you can say goodbye to pain and discomfort caused by vaginal dryness. 

Who could benefit from the shot?

While PRP therapy excels at combating sexual dysfunction associated with menopause, the truth is that PRP therapy can improve the sex life of many women, not just those in menopause. 

If you have low sexual desire, weak or nonexistent orgasms, and pesky vaginal dryness, consider how PRP therapy can transform your sexual experience. 

Is PRP therapy right for you?

If you’re unhappy with your sexual experience, don’t brush it aside. We offer comprehensive gynecological care, and that includes making sure that sex isn’t painful or uncomfrotable. Are you interested in PRP therapy? Dr. Espinal can help you get the relief you deserve.

To learn more, give our Miramar, Florida clinic a call at 954-372-1653 or request an appointment online.

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