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Common Gynecology Services in Miramar

Celebrities like Beyoncé and Oprah aren’t the only women who have a trusted inner circle to help them manage their busy lives. While you may not have a security detail or private chauffer, chances are you do have a babysitter, mechanic, hairdresser, and repairman who you wouldn’t trade for the world. And if you don’t have a gynecologist as part of your trusted entourage, perhaps it’s time you should! If you live in Miramar and are looking for a gynecologist who understands you and your needs, then it’s time to get to know Dr. Ladynez Espinal and her staff at Lady’s Care Center. Here’s more about Dr. Espinal and the many services her practice provides.

A Female Perspective

Many women are thrilled with their male gynecologists. But some women prefer being seen by a woman. Not only does a woman understand first hand the many unique health concerns of women, but she also can readily assist you with any reproductive health concerns and women’s health issues from a perspective of someone who has experienced the same issues herself.

More than Just Paps

Most women are very good at keeping up with preventive care, particularly when it comes to regular pap smears, reproductive concerns and breast health. But Lady’s Care Center is more than that! You can visit Dr. Espinal for any number of uniquely feminine issues, to include menstrual irregularities such as painful periods and heavy bleeding; hormonal imbalances; ovarian cysts and fibroids; urinary incontinence; vaginal infections and endometriosis. She also can develop treatment plans for hormone replacement therapies and premenstrual syndrome.

Care for Every Woman

Many women believe that they should start seeing a gynecologist once they are of child-bearing years. But that’s far from the case! Dr. Espinal cares for women of all ages…from young girls experiencing their first menstrual cycle to mature women in their post-menopausal years. Her gentle bedside manner combined with years of professional expertise ensure you are in good, trusted hands, throughout every stage of your life.


Unlike many of her peers, Dr. Espinal also performs obstetrics, meaning that once you are ready to start or expand your family, she is with you every step of the way. No need to get to know another doctor while you are expecting, Dr. Espinal will gladly accept the honor of being your OB as well as your women’s healthcare provider.

Wellness Management

Women’s healthcare not only has to do with our “lady parts,” but our overall health and well-being as well. No one knows this better than Dr. Epsinal, who offers a holistic approach to women’s wellness. Think you might have a food allergy? Dr. Espinal will conduct blood and/or skin tests to see if this is the case. Looking for a healthy way to lose weight? Dr. Espinal will individualize a proven weight loss/wellness program, offering the support you need and care you trust to help you realize your goals.

Vaginal Rejuvenation and Reconstruction

Over time, your vagina can lose its resilience and elasticity. In fact, even more than an aesthetic concern, an enlarged or elongated labia minora can cause discomfort or intimacy concerns. Other reasons too may necessitate surgical procedures; Dr. Espinal understands the delicate nuances these conversations can have, and is an expert in these procedures.

G-Spot Amplification

An orgasm can be a defining moment of release for any woman, but for some who have trouble finding fulfillment, the reason may not be what you think. A conversation with Dr. Espinal can lead to treatments that can help amplify the quality of your orgasms for a more satisfying sexual experience for you – and your partner.

Gynecologist in Miramar, Florida

If you are a woman living in Miramar, consider yourself lucky that a world-class provider is as close as a phone call away! Dr. Ladynez Espinal and her dedicated staff at Lady’s Care Center want nothing more than to help women of all ages achieve optimal female and reproductive health. A gynecologist who is not only experienced but also relatable and puts you at ease is a good sign. If you have any health concerns or questions about our gynecological or obstetric services reach out to us at (954) 538-1700 or request an appointment online now.

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