All About Vaginal Rejuvenation

The offerings involved in vaginal rejuvenation vary from physician to physician. The processes contained within a rejuvenation include procedures that are all designed to tighten and enhance the look and feel of a woman’s vagina – also called vaginoplasty.

There are a number of ways in which a physician can revitalize a woman’s vagina and turn the clock back. A labiaplasty is a way of reshaping the labia minora, or the skin around the vulva. A vulvoplasty can trim down excess folds around the vulva. A clitoral hood reduction involves reducing the size of the hood and thereby increasing the exposure of the clitoris. A hymenoplasty is the reconstruction of the hymen.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

These procedures have been touted by patients to improve intercourse, reduce scar tissue, produce an increase in vaginal lubrication, and more. In particular, the labiaplasty will change both the look and feel of a woman during intercourse. Women are usually quite pleased with all of the effects of the vaginoplasty procedures.

It is recommended that women delay having this procedure until after they are done having children, as birthing another child would basically undo everything that had been completed from undergoing vaginal rejuvenation. By keeping the vagina looking younger and tighter, it can actually prevent infections and can assist with incontinence, as the sphincter muscle will be tighter. It also gives ladies more confidence in the bedroom.

Cosmetic Changes vs. Functional Changes

Cosmetic changes are changes to the external appearance of an area of the body, such as when a person gets a “nose job” to change the shape of their nose. Compare this to reconstructive surgery, which is to repair a physical flaw in an organ that is not working fully or properly.

Women usually initially want to have vaginal rejuvenation to look and feel younger – which is the cosmetic reason for the procedure – but it often creates physical benefits that go beyond the cosmetic effect. The majority of women who undergo a vaginal rejuvenation also report an increase in their sexual desire, response, and overall satisfaction.

OB/GYN in Miami

The concept of vaginal rejuvenation means a lot of different things to lots of different people. But it is one of the many procedures offered by Dr. Ladynez Espinal, M.D. As a woman, Dr. Espinal fully understands what a woman wants and how she should feel about herself.

Dr. Espinal focuses strictly on women’s health care, including gynecology, hormone replacement therapy, fertility, IV nutrient therapy, and weight loss. Her entire medical practice is dedicated to caring for women’s health issues; so if you believe that a vaginal rejuvenation would help to make you feel and look more like your old self, don’t delay.

If you are in Miramar or the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, one of the state’s top gynecologists is here for you specializing in women’s medical needs – including vaginal rejuvenation. Contact our friendly team at Lady’s Care Center today by calling us at (954) 538-1700 to request an appointment, and see what miracles Dr. Espinosa can do for your body!

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